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Who we Are

Bogie Banu, M.T. (license # MAT 12254) is just a simple licensed massage therapist (graduated 2002 from Mesa Institute for Massage Therapy in Orange, California) who wants to help people get rid of pain. He, later, enrolled in Southern California University of Health Sciences to become a doctor of chiropractic, but through some extensive research and soul searching, he realized that there had to be a another way. He came across MET (Muscle Energy Technique) taught by an internationally recognized physical therapist, Tom Ockler. After learning the technique, he went straight to work on implementing it in his massage therapy practice (GetLymphed, 2011). Client after client, he noticed that MET was able to increase the range of motion in people’s necks inside very few sessions, where chiropractic had failed for years. That is when he realized that he needed to open the Body in Alignment center.


Our Mission

To help people live with less pain.


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