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If you have had a massage from us, please drop us a note either through our contact page, phone, or e-mail to let us know how the massage has helped you. While Lymphatic massage has been around for a while, how it feels and what it can do for people is still not popular with the masses. This is a great way for everyone to know what it can possibly do for them.


-- Achilles pain --                                                                              "I have had chronic Achilles and Shoulder back pain and after seeing Bogie...I am feeling NO pain! It took one visit using FDM (fascial distortion method). It is a Very painful process but worth every minute! I can walk now without pain and sit for more than 20 minutes without having to roll my back and stretch! Jen (Hawaii Kai)

-- lipedema...swelling in legs--                                                        "I have lipedema, a fairly common adipose disease which requires regular manual lymph drainage to control and is currently not well-understood in the medical field. Bogie not only used his gentle massage techniques to help me drop an inch in each leg within two massages but he also taught me techniques I could use on myself... This has allowed me to return to an active lifestyle I once loved without the use of compression garments. I am forever indebted to him. He shows a genuine love in helping people feel better..." -- Keegan (Florida)

--sinus and ear infection...hearing loss--                                      "I came down with a bad cold which subsequently turned into a sinus and ear infection... I was at about a 50% hearing loss. After a very gentle lymphatic massage; [Bogie] said I should notice a difference within 24 hours. I could not believe the difference it made in just one day.  By the next morning my hearing was slowly starting to come back.  I continued the lymphatic massage for another couple weeks until I could completely hear again and everything was cleared away." -- Kim (Hawaii Kai)

--broken pelvis...triathlete--                                                             "In June 2012, I had a serious sports injury…dislocation of my left leg and break of my pelvis…. About two weeks after surgery, I started working with Bogie for lymphatic massage…. He started coming over two times per week…. Within 1 week, I was able to get into the pool to start regaining movement in my leg.... Within 6 weeks, I was released to begin physical therapy, 2-3 weeks earlier than typically scheduled…. At 10 weeks, I was able to put my body weight on my leg and moved to 1 crutch. By week 12, I was able to support my weight without the crutch. I was released to get back on my bike and start riding again. My surgeon said that out of 100 patients, I had made the most significant recovery of patients that he had treated. I contribute my quick recovery to the healing hands of Bogie and his incredible capabilities.  With utilizing massage to assist in muscle release and alignment and lymphatic massage to release toxins and swelling..." -- Christine (Nu'uanu)

--fibromyalgia...better sleep--                                                         "I am a 55 year old with fibromyalgia. Met Bogie at the Senior Fair (2011). I felt so calm after he massaged my head, face and neck, I booked an appointment with him and have been reaping the rewards of his God given talent of lymph massage....My pain has decreased, I sleep better and function at a higher off of 2 medications. No lotions, oils, or perfumes. Which is great for me, as I have allergies." -- Michelle (Kapolei)

--lymphatic system out of whack--                                                 " Aside from providing a thoroughly relaxing, professional, and therapeutic massage...during treatment, he is 100% focused. He seems to read your body through focus and touch. It is hard to explain but you will feel it. His price is, I think, under the value of his service. I have paid far more at spas for far less results." -- Liz (Hau'ula)

--elbow pain...weight lifter--                                                           "I lift weights and train heavy on a regular basis, most of the time I experience joint pains, lately I have been having trouble with my elbow joint. I ran across Bogie's website and contacted him for more info, we ended up getting together and had a few sessions, in a very short period of time my pain went away. This is a great way to heal fast...I'm definitely going back and also recommending this to all my friends." -- Nick (Glendale, AZ)

--recovering from intense hikes--                                                   "Thank you for keeping me in great hiking condition. I hike 4-6 times a week. Anywhere from 30-50 miles per week. The massages I get from you once a week (most weeks my only day off from hiking), help me recover faster & keep me on Hawaii's beautiful trails." -- Marcus (Honolulu)

--foot fracture--                                                                                   "I had a hairline fracture in my foot a while back and lately it has been giving me some problems where I couldn't step on it quite right, but after one session of lymph with Bogie, I woke up the next day and the pain was gone and I was able to step on it with confidence... amazing." -- Lyn (Glendale, AZ)  

A big MAHALO goes out to those who have let us know that we were able to help in some way. It should also be noted that results are not always seen or far, I have come across a few people that did not get any real relief from the lymphatic sessions. In those cases it is recommended that the client take advantage of the Therapeutic massage available, or seek help from one of our referrals.
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