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The late, Osteopathic Dr. Stephen Typaldos, came across this method when a patient came in and asked him to keep pushing on her neck until the pain was completely gone. This all took less than a minute. Digging deeper into what just transpired, he realized that she had him work on her fascia (connective tissue surrounding all muscles, organs, and other tissue in our bodies).

During his research he came up with 6 common distortions for the fascia:

1. Trigger band - fascia has separated or twisted upon itself along a distinct line

2. Herniated trigger point - soft tissue has protruded through on opening much like a trigger band

3. Continuum distortion - attachments of ligaments and tendons become hardened

4. Folding distortion - fascia folds in on itself and can't unfold properly, as in cases of falls or accidents

5. Unfolding distortions - fascia unfolds and can't refold properly, as in cases of a dog pulling your arm out of socket, or a sprained ankle

6. Cylinder distortions - fascial rings get twisted

Dr. Typaldos found that we can treat these distortions with manual therapy. The first 3 distortions are the most painful to treat, as we have to ensure that the pressure is deep enough to affect change in the fascia. The next day, clients have reported soreness, or even bruising. However, clients who have had this treatment, have noticed results within a very short time. How short? Running on a sprained ankle in 5 minutes with no pain. Being able to raise arms overhead in 30 minutes, after not being able to for years. Pain free in an hour, after suffering from a partially torn Achilles tendon. The list goes on, because this method is that versatile.

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