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For more stretches and self-massage tips visit our YouTube channel. We hope some of our tips will help you live with less pain in your lives. If things don't get better within a week, talk to a professional. (referrals are at the bottom)

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Tips are arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference.


If you are noticing some weakness in your ankles, a great way to strengthen them is to draw out the alphabet (capital letters) with your feet. You can do this sitting down or standing up, just make sure the foot doing the work is not touching the floor.

To balance out the muscles, draw the letters the right way, then backwards. For example, if you start the A from left to right, you would start from right to left, or the B would have the bubbles on the left side of the bar when you do it backwards, and so on for all the letters.


While pressing down on the tennis ball with the ball of your foot, make your toe point up towards the ceiling. It's a simultaneous you push down your toe needs to come up (not easy to do, so keep at it). Roll the ball towards the middle of the foot and sideways across the ball of the foot.

The whole thing should take you about a minute. Try to do it when you feel the pain in the joint, so you may have to do it a few times a day at first, but you should notice a big difference.


a) If you are going to sleep or waking up with foot pain, get a tennis ball and roll your foot over it while standing up. Roll it back and forth, side to side, then push down on it like you are pushing the gas. If you find a particularly tender spot, stop there and keep the pressure at the pain level you are able to withstand for about 60 seconds. The whole thing should take you about 5 minutes, after which you should stretch the foot a little and you are ready to go to sleep with great relief, as well as wake up with less pain if not completely free of pain. 

b) After running on concrete for too long the feet can feel quite beat up...soak them in some hot water infused with epsom salt (found at Longs Drugs-looks like a milk carton, but it's filled with powder). Usually about 5 to 10 minutes should do the trick.


a) If your neck feels tight, roll your thumb and index finger over the rim of your ears from ear lobe to top a few times and notice that tension release.

back of a person's head showing meridian point GB 20

b) If you are getting a headache that's somewhat focused at the back or front of the head, apply pressure with your thumbs on the point GB20 in the picture. Increase the pressure until you get to a 7 or 8 on a pain scale of 1-10, then hold it for at least a 60 count. Do this a few times and your headache should subside. If you hold the points while moving your head back and forth in a nodding action it can loosen the muscles faster. In cases where the pain continues, work on the neck muscles as well. 


a) Front of knee pain: work tender spots in the quadriceps (muscles on the front of the thighs). You can use rhythmic pressure going down the leg or press and hold pressure at a 6 or 7 on a 1-10 pain scale for about 60 seconds each. 

b) Back of knee pain: while keeping your knee bent apply pressure from both sides of the hamstring with your thumbs as if trying to squeeze the muscle between your thumbs. Work on the belly of the muscle until you feel it loosen up. Also check to see if your gastrocnemius (calf) muscles have any tender spots as they could be pulling on the knee.

c) Lateral side knee pain: find tender spots along the side of your thigh (IT band), then press and hold those points at a 7 on a pain scale of 1-10 for about 60 seconds. Rub out the muscles using your palms, even jiggle the muscles and knee pain should subside.

d) Medial or inside knee pain: this can be caused by the gracilis (a muscle that runs from your groin to just below the knee) or the semitendinousus and semimembranousus muscles (finding these two is pretty easy...bend your knee while seated and the belly of the muscle you feel in the back of the leg comes from these two). To work on the gracilis, use your thumb to apply pressure all along the inside of the thigh. For the hamstrings keep your knee bent and squeeze the muscle between your thumbs by holding pressure points about 60 seconds or so each.


Visit our YouTube link for a video on getting rid of low back pain:


Get out your tennis ball again, cause it's time to get some therapy. Roll your foot on the ball starting from the heel towards your toes. Do this a few times, then simply step straight down on it and hold for 60 seconds, once again, working from the heel to the toes. 

While rolling and stepping down try to keep your foot relaxed and allow the ankle to flex. This will allow the foot and calf muscles to get a little stretch in them (you want this to happen at the same time with the pressure).


While this can be done with our trusty tennis balls, a pvc pipe with 2" x 2' dimensions will do much better.

Lay the pipe on the floor horizontally and lie down with the outside of your shoulder right on the pipe (you are now making a T with the pipe and your body). Hold the pressure, at a 5 or 6 on a pain scale of 1-10, for 60 seconds. On this lateral side there will be one or a few tender spots...those will be the ones you are looking to suppress.

Do the same hold for 60 on the front of the shoulder by rolling face down and the back of your shoulder by rolling on your back. For the back side of the shoulder, don't roll all the way. Stop yourself before the pipe reaches your spine (you know to stop when the shoulder blade of the shoulder you are working on touches the pipe).


a) When vacuuming, use lunges while pushing the vacuum around to keep your back straight and get a good workout on the quadriceps and glutes.

b) Rashes:

Try rubbing hydrogen peroxide 3-4 times a day on the hives and in some cases the itch will be alleviated immediately, while the rash should disappear within the week depending on the cause. (Please be advised that this advice is not meant to substitute any medical advice. Always consult your doctor before trying such home remedies.)

c) Hiccups: 

To get rid of your hiccups in about a minute, all you have to do is take control over your breath, since your diaphragm is spasming. One thing you can do for this next exercise to help yourself focus on the diaphragm, is to put one of your hands over the solar plexus.

So...take a very slow breath in through the mouth, (keep your lips close together so air can't come in fast) until you 
feel you can't take any more air in, and at that point take one more sip of air in. Now you can choose to pause a second or just start letting your breath out through your mouth very slowly (lips close together once again) until you feel you can't push any more air out, and at that point push one more little bit of air out, trust me it's there. 

The reason, you are trying for more air at the end of each cycle, is to force the diaphragm to respond when you tell it; so make sure you feel the upper abdomen area tighten.

If while you are doing this exercise you hiccup again, don't reset, just continue.



1. Massage Therapists:

a) Reflexology/Aromatherapy -- Natasha Schmall (492-4129) -- Wahiawa, Waipahu, Outcall
b) Therapeutic/Lymphatic -- Andrew Char (688-3833) ( -- Kailua
c) Lomi Lomi -- LiAnn Uyeda(728-5244) -- Kaimuki

d) Lymphatic --Yumi (973-5967) -- Breast Cancer Center on Beretania and Artesian

2. Rehabilitation:

a) Trisha Sommer (381-8947) - PT with Jaco Rehab

3. Personal Trainers: 

a) Amy Forsyth (783-2558) (





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